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  • Send direct and mass SMS using API gateway
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  • Send unique one-time password verifications
  • Deliver bulk SMS marketing campaigns

How businesses use Redcoal Messaging Suite

Patient SMS Alerts

Create a unique two-way mobile communication in real time with your patients. The platform integrates with your existing database to send automated patient reminders & notifications to increase appointment attendance with inbound messaging.

Crisis & Incident Management

Deliver critical messages to the right person quickly when an emergency arises with mobile alerting. Deploy employee safety checks, track their responses and escalate an issue with our online platform.

Staff SMS Notifications

Use SMS to send mass text messages to your internal workforce. Automate alerts or create one-off messages to employees. Build contact lists and access reports via an online dashboard to track open and read rates.

Reduce Appointment Queues

Manage and reduce queues with SMS. Send and automate status updates and interval appointment reminders. Allow patients to view, confirm or change appointments by integrating SMS with your scheduling systems.

Send Emergency & Incident Alerts

Send immediate broadcast alerts and two way messaging throughout the hospital using our messaging software. Communicate before, during and after an incident to send time-sensitive information quickly using SMS.

API to Integrate SMS Staffing

Enhance your current staffing solutions with our SMS software to effortlessly send and fill vacant shifts via SMS to on-call team members such as nurses, staff, caretakers, temporary workers, and contractors.

High Impact SMS Marketing

Integrate our SMS software and manage opt-in SMS programs to directly contact your customers to enhance their experience. Send promotional offers and product announcements.

Retail Distribution Centres Operations

Use SMS to deliver an end-to-end retail inventory, operations, logistics and product delivery solution using our integrated SMS system.

Distribution & Inventory Management

Our SMS solution integrates with your existing retail systems to automatically route shipment information received at stores and distribution centers using SMS delivery reports.

Shift Offers & Staffing

Create pools of workers and configure their availability to send automated staffing SMS offers to candidates. The platform sends automated SMS shift offers. SMS reminders are also sent to staff when they confirm a shift.

Multi-Site Retail Operations

Smart Messaging Suite can be used across multiple sites from a single, intuitive cloud-based portal. Advanced mobile messaging APIs & plug-ins integrate with your retail IT systems and extend broadcast SMS and email notifications.

Integrated Communications

Set up scheduling and reminder workflows that integrate our SMS software directly with your existing retail training, HR and scheduling systems.

Citizen Alerts

Communicate crucial information such as closures, weather events, pollution alerts to citizens quickly.

Incident Management

Send powerful SMS broadcasting with both 1-way and 2-way mobile alerts  from an intuitive online SMS portal.

Web SMS Portal & Admin

Our sophisticated online admin portal can be accessed from any web browser, including from a mobile phone, so you can access powerful real-time reporting wherever you are.

System Integration

Improve governmental scheduling ERP and IT systems by integrated our SMS solution. Quick and direct delivery which includes features such as scheduling, keyword routing and reply handling.

“Smart” APIs for Automation

Integrate our business SMS solution easily using advanced API capabilities including REST, HTTP/S, SMPP, SMTP, WCTP, SNPP, SOAP/WSDL, FTP, Group/Contacts, Java and .Net.

Administration, Reports & Analysis

Access real-time reports or schedule them for delivery. Enable reports to be viewed by individuals or multiple departments.

Two Factor Authentication

Utilise a low-cost method to verify the identity of your users. Create unique security tokens and send One Time Passwords using SMS to customers and employees.

2-Way Multi-Channel SMS

Our business online SMS platform can enables 2-way messaging for inbound and outbound email, SMS, and MMS. Additional capabilities include voice broadcast, secure messaging and location-aware messaging capabilities.

Automate with APIs

Use SMPP, SMTP, WCTP, SNPP, HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP/WSDL, FTP, XMPP, location, group/contact, Java, or .Net to integrate secure business messaging with your business.

B2C Mobile Messaging

Reduce manual processes to send messages to your customers with automation. Seamlessly send broadcast alerts to account holders.

Critical Incident Management

When an incident arises every second counts. Send information to your critical response team quickly with the power of mobile messaging. Confirm the safety of employees, track responses and escalate an issue if no response is received.

Automatic Reminders & Confirmations

Sending alerts and reminders is a breeze when you integrate our online SMS solution with your existing IT systems.

Team Collaboration Tools

Enable small and large teams to collaborate effortlessly. Automate SMS to allow your workforce to work much more productively by accessing real-time information

B2C SMS Alerts

Reduce manual processes by integrating, scheduling and automating text messages when communicating with customers.

Manage Critical Incidents

Mobilize your critical incident response team quickly with mobile messaging. Send automated messages to ensure the safety of your employees and escalate an issue when no response is received.

Travel Notifications

Send booking confirmations and travel reminders effortlessly with SMS. Communicate with employees on route changes, delays or travel requirements in real time. Our online SMS portal comes with archiving so conversations can be audited.

SMS Notifications

Allow subscribers to opt-in to receive regular SMS notifications from your company. Provide a direct, one on one relationship with customers using the power of SMS. Enable logistics hubs to send announcements from their units using one platform for all.

API Integration

Track workers’ hours, vehicle turnaround times and repair requirements without impacting existing workflows. Integrate mobile messaging seamlessly using REST, HTTP/S, SMPP, SMTP, WCTP, SNPP, SOAP/WSDL, FTP, Group/Contacts, Java and .Net.

Facility Operations

Our intuitive cloud-based portal integrates with your hospitality IT systems to extend SMS and email notification abilities for your business.

Customer Loyalty & Amenities

Use our online portal to deliver powerful SMS marketing. Automate regular campaigns or send one of messages to customers.

SMS Staffing

Send available shifts to a pool of workers using SMS. Integrate our solution with your staffing software to automate processes and enable staff to accept shifts directly.

Guests & Amenities

Send SMS to hotel guests before, during and after their stay. Coordinate their bookings, send additional information and deliver special price promotions and offers to increase revenue.

Integrate SMS

Our SMS solution easily  integrates with your facility IT systems using sophisticated APIs & plug-ins to enable broadcast SMS and email notifications.

SMS Account Alerts

Communicate with hotel account holders directly with SMS. Send automated payment reminders and access a full audit trail and archive of SMS conversations for compliance.

Enterprise SMS Features

bulk business sms

Bulk Business SMS

broadcast notifications

Broadcast Notifications

mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing



2-way messaging

2-Way Messaging

two factor authentication

Two factor Authentication

business continuity

Business Continuity

Email to text

Email to Text

sms automation

SMS Automation

custom sms templates

Custom SMS Templates

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