Messaging Applications

Messaging Applications

On top of our core cloud messaging offering, we offer a wide variety of SMS mobile messaging solutions to help automate your core business processes. Support your orangisation’s BYOD culture, and empower your employees with the ability to execute commands and submit orders from the comfort of their personal mobile device.

  • B2C Alerting
  • Remote worker alerting
  • Reminders & Appointments
  • Account alerts
  • One-time passwords (2FA)
  • Customer loyalty & offers

Award-Winning Messaging Platform

Incident Alerting & Notifications

Take advantage of a sophisticated broadcast alerting system and stress-tested crisis preparedness solution widely used for incident management. Keep your business continuity and assessment team up-to-date throughout an emergency, and take extra precautions to safeguard your remote workforce.

Field Workforce Communications

Collect detailed information by automatically integrating workers’ text, photo, and audio reports with your company’s IT systems for quick analysis and action. Our platform allows you to create one-touch reports so field workers can report common issues or make requests with the touch of a button.

Local & Government

Enhance your outbound community communications with the power of our turnkey government messaging platform. Create communications campaigns designed for citizen alerting, automated public notifications, or emergency communications. Communicate in real-time with the reliability of our high-volume, stress tested platform infrastructure.

Logistics & Package Tracking

Introduce mobility to your logistics strategy to unlock automated shipping notifications, inventory triggers, and order requests. Our systems support some of the largest logistics companies globally, and we have custom built several solutions integrating with our customers existing IT systems to improve workforce productivity and automate manual processes.

Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Integrate our platform’s powerful broadcast SMS campaign-management tools with your existing CRM systems and combine it with your customer lists and databases to send real-time mobile product announcements, promotions, coupons, and discounts. Save time and maximize targeting accuracy.

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Our messaging solutions are designed to help you take control of your corporate communications and internal business processes. Streamline your communications with the power and flexibility of our solutions backed by our team of talented communications consultants. Have a cumbersome business process, or looking to address a communications deficiency? Contact us today to see how we can help automate your communications.

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