API Integrated Messaging

API Integrated Messaging

We have decades of experience creating API integrations designed to help your improve your business efficiencies and communication workflows. Modernize your communications and automate your business processes and customer communications by leveraging the power of SMS. Whether it’s web applications, CRM/ERP, or proprietary systems, we have the capabilities, track record and necessary industry experience to help you succeed. Have a cumbersome workflow or business process that you are looking to automate? Contact us today to learn about how we can help you create a customized solution to fit your needs.

Integration Features



Introduce SMS functionality to your existing systems with our developer API.


Track and report your messaging with detail audit trails and messaging stats.


Save valuable time and resources by automating internal and external processes.

Administrative Controls

Gain full control over the deployment and setup using our robust enterprise administration web portal.

Use Cases & APIs

Add new interactive capabilities to your existing systems with our rich HTTP/S, SMTP, WSDL, SMPP APIs. Features such as IP broadcast notification with SMS messaging fallback, multimedia, and encryption can now be automated and integrated to create exciting new use cases for financial institutions, healthcare, retail, IT, education, government, and more! We have created several custom built industry solutions designed to address your needs such as:

  • Logistics & Tracking Systems
  • Dispatch & Alarming
  • Payroll systems
  • Staffing & HR systems
  • Appointment Reminder Systems
  • CRM systems
  • 2nd Factor Authentication
  • Databases
  • Inventory systems
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Devices

Want to Integrate with us?

We have an extensive track record of creating customised, integrated solutions designed to meet our client’s needs. Over the years, we have worked with a wide variety of ERP, CRM, and proprietary systems, so you can be confident that we bring experience to the table. If you have a specific workflow or system that you are interested in evaluating, feel free to contact us.

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